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How Drug Free Zones Effect Drug Charges in Utah

Posted on Jul 7th 2014

The consequences of a Utah drug conviction can be financially and emotionally devastating. Unfortunately, the penalties for drug crimes that occur in drug free zones can potentially double. Read more about Utah drug free zones.

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How Dash Cams Can Help You Avoid a Utah DUI Conviction

Posted on Apr 29th 2014

In Utah, officers must have probable cause to initiate a traffic stop. Unfortunately, many officers misjudge or fabricate reason for the traffic stop. The dash camera can prove there was no probable cause. Read more about how dash cams can help your DUI case.

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Pulled over for Utah DUI? Press the Oh Crap App

Posted on Apr 20th 2014

If you find yourself getting pulled over after you've consumed alcohol, you can now press the "Oh Crap" button on your smartphone. Read more about the "Oh Crap" app.

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