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What Qualifies as Criminal Mischief?

Posted on Feb 5th 2024

Criminal mischief encompasses a range of offenses that involve the willful destruction, damage, or alteration of someone else's property without their consent. This broad legal category covers actions from relatively minor pranks to serious acts that can cause significant harm or financial loss. If you are dealing with a Utah criminal mischief charge, understanding the accusations laid against you is the first step towards navigating the details of your case and safeguarding your rights.

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Tips for Dealing With a Holiday DUI

Posted on Dec 27th 2023

The holidays should be a time of cheer, community, and gratitude. For many people, holiday gatherings and celebrations often include indulging in alcoholic beverages. This holiday tradition is no big deal — until vehicles are involved. In the United States, holidays in November and late December carry some of the highest rates of DUIs, especially Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Learn about avoiding holiday DUIs and the importance of working with a DWI attorney in Utah if you are arrested.

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Probation vs Parole: What’s the Difference?

Posted on Dec 21st 2023

Two commonly confused terms in the legal system are probation and parole. There are many probation and parole similarities since they are both methods for supervising individuals with criminal convictions. However, they are not interchangeable terms. While both serve as alternatives to incarceration, they have distinct differences in terms of eligibility, rules, and consequences. Learn about these differences and the critical role of following the restrictions outlined in parole or probation.

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