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Understanding Aggravated Assault Charges

If you’re facing aggravated assault charges, it’s essential that you understand the implications and prepare for your defense with an experienced and compassionate assault lawyer. There are important differences between simple assault and aggravated assault, and understanding your charges is the first step to protecting your rights and freedoms in court.

Aggravated assault charges involve serious bodily injury or the use of a weapon. Charges like these can result in fines up to $10,000 and jail time up to 15 years, along with loss of gun rights.

The serious nature of these charges and the possible consequences mean that securing appropriate legal counsel is crucial. Look for an assault lawyer who is experienced and has a proven history of defending their clients’ rights with criminal defense cases. Also pay attention to where your attorney has been practicing, since laws and defenses can vary from state to state. Finally, search for a lawyer who is compassionate and truly cares about your case. Learn how Branson West Law can help if you’re facing aggravated assault charges.

Recent Case Results

Leaving the scene of an accident
Case Dismissed!

Client was accused of leaving the scene of an accident in Riverton, case dismissed.

Client's 2nd offense. Argued suppression motion, case dismissed.
Davis County Assault

Client charged with assault in Davis County. Cased was dismissed.
West Jordan Burglary
Burglary Case Dismissed

Client accused of breaking into vehicle, stealing items, then fleeing the scene.
Draper DUI

Client charged with DUI. Case Dismissed.
Draper DUI

DUI charge dropped to reckless
Provo DUI
DUI Dismissed

Client was stopped at DUI check point, failed FSTs, blew below the legal limit, but had other substances in his system.
Draper DUI
DUI Dismissed

Client found in car, passed out, alleged drugs in system.
Domestic Violence, Midvale
Case Dismissed

Domestic Violence case in Midvale, case DISMISSED.
Domestic Violence and Burglary, Salt Lake 3rd District
Case Dismissed

DV and Burglary case dismissed in Salt Lake 3rd District
DUI - South Jordan

Accused of DUI with prescription drugs with an accident in South Jordan, case dismissed.
Dog Attack, Salt Lake County
Case Dismissed

Dog attack case in Salt Lake County
Domestic Violence, Sandy
Case Dismissed

DV in Sandy, client accused of fighting with girlfriend, case dismissed.
Domestic Violence, Salt Lake County
Case Dismissed

DV in Salt Lake County, client accused of attacking her daughters boyfriend, case dismissed.
DUI, West Jordan
THC DUI Dismissed

Kira Eoff, West Jordan, THC DUI dismissed
DUI - West Jordan

DUI in West Jordan, pulled over for swerving, dismissed.
DUI - Provo

DUI dismissed in Provo, bad driving pattern, thought it was drugs, failed FSTs, and DRE exam.
DUI - Holladay
Jury Verdict of Not Guilty

DUI charge, client had actual physical control with a high BAC, verdict not guilty.
Theft - Layton, UT
Case Dismissed

Target employee charged with theft in Layton, case dismissed.
Murray, UT - DUI.
Case Dismissed!

Stopped for speeding, failed FSTs.
West Jordan, Ignition Interlock Violation
Case Dismissed!

Client accused of driving with an ignition interlock device.
Herriman, DUI
Case Dismissed!

Client accused of DUI, had a blood draw result of .08, got a second opinion that showed .075.
West Valley City, Domestic Violence Assault
Case Dismissed!

Client was accused of assaulting her husband.
Murray, UT - Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Case Dismissed!

Cops found items in the car, claimed there was a drug deal.
Lehi, Child Abuse
Case Dismissed

Client was accused of hitting son.
West Jordan, Seven 2nd Degree Felony Counts of Check Fraud
Case Dismissed!

Client was accused of fraudulently writing checks on accounts that were closed.
Provo, UT - DUI
Case Dismissed!

Client drinks at party, comes back and falls asleep in car, fails FSTs, arrested for DUI.
Murray, UT - Retail Theft
Case Dismissed

Client was in Costco, put item in purse, security claimed she was stealing property.
SLC, UT - Domestic Violence Assualt
Case Dismissed

Client was in a fight with boyfriend, charged with Domestic Violence (DV).
Holladay, UT - DUI
Case Dismissed!

Ran from a DUI checkpoint. Failed FSTs.
Salt Lake City - Felony Child Non-Support
Case Dismissed

Client owed over $55,000 in child support arrears.
Theft - Provo Justice Court
Case Dismissed

Client was buying bikes off KSL and ended up with stolen bikes.
Theft - Taylorsville Justice Court
Case Dismissed

Client was accused of stealing supplies from a salon.
Aggravated Assault Charge - Salt Lake 3rd District Court
Case Dismissed

Client was accused of pulling a gun on his girlfriend and threatening to kill her.
Provo, UT - Theft
Case Dismissed!

Client was buying bikes off KSL and ended up with stolen bikes.
American Fork, UT - DUI
Case Dismissed

Client was stopped for a registration issue, failed the field sobriety tests and blew in the intoxilyzer twice.
Alcohol Restricted Driver and Driving on a Suspended License - Sandy Justice Court
Case Dismissed

Client was accused of driving on a restricted and suspended license.
DUI - Salt Lake County
Jury Verdict of NOT GUILTY

Client failed field sobriety tests, had a poor driving pattern, & refused breath test.
DUI - Clearfield, UT

Client was driving a big rig, and we were able to save his job.
Possession of Drugs - Utah County

Client was stopped and improperly searched.
Assaulting an officer, resisting arrest - Salt Lake City, UT
Jury verdict of NOT GUILTY!

Client was investigating friend being restrained by cops and cops attacked him.
DUI, Lehi
DUI dismissed

Client was charged wrongfully. Restored his license, got the charges dismissed!
DUI, Midvale
Jury verdict of NOT GUILTY!

Client blew a .80.
DUI, Midvale
Jury verdict of NOT GUILTY!

Client claimed he was not the driver, even though cops thought he was.
DUI, Draper
Jury verdict of NOT GUILTY!

Client was driving the wrong way on a one-way road, failed FSTs.
DUI, St. George
Jury verdict of NOT GUILTY!

Client was asleep in his car, with stereo on. Cops came and called it
Aggravated assault, Salt Lake 3rd District.
Jury verdict of NOT GUILTY!

Client was accused of pulling a knife on a man in a Wal-mart parking lot.
Retail Theft, Orem
Plea in Abeyance

Client had stolen items from a local retailer, had admitted everything to police and was able to keep her record clean.
Under age consumption, Davis 2nd District
Plea in Abeyance.

Clients were at a party when all were caught drinking. Were able to keep records clean.
DUI, Vernal

Client was stopped for license plate light being out and for having it improperly displayed. Had a BAC of .17.
Possession of Drugs, Salt Lake City

Client was at a pizza place, eating in the parking lot when cops arrived, suspicious of their activity.
Domestic Violence, Taylorsville
Plea in Abeyance

Client called the police when upset, didn't mean to get cops involved, but we were able to save his record.
Domestic Violence, Lehi
Plea in Abeyance to disorderly conduct as an infraction

Client was going through a divorce, his spouse would not allow him to see their child or leave. Cops blamed him.
Stalking, Park City
Plea in Abeyance

Charges reduced, and offered in abeyance, so client's record would stay clean. She was accused of stalking a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, was a teacher, and was able to keep her record clean.
Aggravated Assault, Davis 2nd District
Charges reduced to disorderly conduct as an infraction, no jail time, minimal fine

Client was seen entering Wal-mart with a gun after making apparently threatening phone calls to his former manager.
Retail theft, Salt Lake
Plea in Abeyance.

Client was a college student, accidentally walked out of the store without paying for a cup of soup, but had paid for everything else. Was able to keep her record clean.
DUI, West Valley
Jury Verdict of NOT GUILTY!

Client was a former ski patroller and hopeful to get on with an ambulance crew. He was accused of driving off the road with prescription medication in his system. He suffered from strokes.
Traffic violation, Spanish Fork
Verdict of NOT GUILTY!

Client was a truck driver and had been in an accident. The judge found him not guilty as charged.
Theft of services, Salt Lake 3rd

Client was accused of stealing services from a shop. Were able to prove that her signature had been forged.
DUI, South Salt Lake
Jury verdict of NOT GUILTY!

Client was accused of driving with alcohol in her system on a second offense, then subsequently refusing the breath test.
DUI, Salt Lake Airport

Client was accused of driving through the airport while DUI, was arrested prior to field sobriety tests being administered.

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What Are Assault Charges?

Aggravated assault is a felony charge that should be taken seriously. An assault charge is categorized as aggravated assault when there is a dangerous weapon involved or when the assault could result in serious injury or death of the victim.

When someone uses force or violence to attempt, threaten, or inflict serious bodily harm on another person, this is categorized as aggravated assault. If someone has harmed another person with an intent to severely injure them, this also classifies as aggravated assault. Aside from the use of weapons, another common element in aggravated assault cases is impeding the breathing of the victim.

Examples of Aggravated Assault

In some cases, it may be difficult to understand the difference between assault and aggravated assault. A few examples of aggravated assault include:

  • Threatening someone with a dangerous weapon such as a gun
  • Strangulation
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault that causes permanent disfigurement
  • Assault that causes long-term loss of function in any body part

While simple assault results in bodily injury and short-term impairment, aggravated assault causes longer-term consequences related to the victim’s injuries and therefore carries harsher consequences.

Potential Punishments

Punishments for aggravated assault vary. The primary element considered is the severity of the injury caused. Depending on the severity of the case, punishments for aggravated assault can be up to 15 years in prison and $10,000 in fines. These charges also often result in loss of gun rights.

Simple assault charges are misdemeanor charges, but aggravated assault is always charged as a felony. The felony class will depend on the situation. If the victim has serious bodily injury as a result of the assault, the charge will be for a second degree felony.

If no serious bodily injury is sustained and the charge is for a third degree felony, potential punishments can include:

  • Up to $5,000 in fines
  • Up to 5 years in prison

Second degree felony charges can result in:

  • Up to $10,000 in fines
  • 1 to 15 years in prison

Of course, neither of these outcomes is desirable or affordable. Get help to protect your freedoms. Hire an experienced assault lawyer to properly prepare.

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In order to present the strongest possible defense for your case, work with an assault lawyer to review the events that led up to your arrest. Be sure to share all necessary information with your lawyer so they can best help you. When you meet with Branson West Law, he’ll begin building a strong defense and do all he can to defend your rights.

The best defense for your case will depend on the details surrounding the situation and the state laws involved. Working with an assault lawyer who is specifically experienced in assault cases in your state is crucial. You need a lawyer who will fight to protect your rights and freedoms and who has the compassion and experience to present the strongest defense possible.

Branson West Law is highly experienced, with over 1,000 Utah cases under his belt. Branson West Law has helped thousands of people with criminal charges in Utah see their charge dropped or reduced. His expertise and compassion make him the ideal assault lawyer for your case.

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