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How a Utah Resident Becomes an Alcohol Restricted Driver

Posted on Mar 7th 2014


How a Utah Resident Becomes an Alcohol Restricted Driver

How does a Utah Resident Becomes an Alcohol Restricted Driver?

Alcohol Restricted Driver Violation Defense Attorney Sandy, UTThere are basically two different ways to become classified as an alcohol-restricted driver in Utah. Under 21 DUI offenses automatically classify as alcohol-restricted drivers due the age of the driver. Residents over 21 can become classified as alcohol-restricted drivers as a result of a DUI offense, impaired driving, refusal to submit to a chemical test, ignition interlock device violations and alcohol restricted driver violations.

Penalties for Alcohol Restricted Drivers

Under no circumstances can a alcohol restricted driver in Utah drive a vehicle with any measurable or detectable amount of alcohol in their system. Alcohol restricted driver penalties can be very serious involving hefty fines, possible jail time, ignition interlock device, plus more. Charges of violating an alcohol restricted license are rarely cut and dry. You can and should fight to maintain your driving privileges with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact Branson West Law firm for a free alcohol restricted driver case review or for more information about how a DUI attorey in SLC can help you.